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Best Nicaraguan Coffee 2024

    Updated on January 2, 2024

    Nicaragua offers the ideal combination of natural resources and microclimates for growing and exporting high-quality coffee. Nicaraguan coffee is known for being of a specialty standard, despite the fact that it is not a significant producer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the future holds for this coffee-producing nation with a small footprint.

    Volcanica Organic Nicaragua Coffee

    Volcanica Nicaragua Coffee, Jinotega, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
    • Great body, clean flavor, and balance. Cup Notes of Chocolate, lemon, plum & honey undertones for an...
    • Medium roasted whole beans allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable...
    • Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.

    To start with a one of the best nicaraguan coffee brands, let’s talk about Volcanica organic coffee from Nicaragua. Its beans come from the Selva Negra farm in the Matagalpa region and are grown at exceptionally high altitudes (between 1350 and 1470 feet above sea level). Due to its careful cultivation, the infusion has a great body and a clean flavor, with hints of chocolate, subtle lemon, plum and honey. The acidity is particularly mild and sweet in these medium roasted beans with only slight liveliness.

    Nicaragua coffee industry is known for its volcanoes. Today, the quality of its coffees is gaining followers all over the world day by day. So much so that they provide a classic single-origin mug, which shows how fertile and productive its soil is on the Selva Negra coffee farm in Matagalpa. This coffee comes from a large bean compared to other coffees. Its producers are jealous of having an exceptional quality coffee preserving the ecosystem of their farms to protect the fauna and the spring water that boils on the surface. Traditionally it is treated wet.

    While the first sip of Volcanica Organic Nicaragua Matagalpa delivers the bold, classic flavors of a rich dark roast, there are also delicate notes of chocolate, lemons, and nuts in the background. The coffee growing regions also makes sure that all harvested beans are as fresh as possible. It does so by optimizing the production process. The beans are harvested, roasted and packed as quickly as possible to maximize flavor.

    The altitude at which this coffee is harvested delays its harvest by two months, allowing the absorption of more nutrients, which, combined with the slow maturity of the beans, causes them to generate more complex taste notes. The privileged climate in which these beans grow compared to the rest of the country’s coffees, due to the cold climate and the extensive cloudiness in the microclimate of the farms, makes this coffee unique among Central American coffees. A balanced aroma and acidity mug combines a blend of slightly spicy, chocolate, citrus and honey flavors. 100% organic!

    Matagalpa has also been referred to as the “Pearl of the North” and the “Land of Eternal Spring.” A multitude of estates and cooperatives make up the region. Also, while coffee production in Matagalpa, Nicaragua hasn’t yet reached the level of Jinotega, it is known for being of great quality.

    However, if you dislike coffee in the end, you can get your money back. The company offers a money-back guarantee that makes it a low-risk option. As with most premium coffees, these beans tend to be quite expensive. However, if taste is your top priority, this will be a compelling option as the best Nicaraguan Coffee in 2023.

    Tiny Footprint Coffee – Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast

    Tiny Footprint Coffee - Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast |Whole Bean Coffee | USDA...
    • ORGANIC COFFEE BEANS: USDA Organic, Fair Trade & Shade-Grown Arabica Coffee.
    • FLAVOR PROFILE: Sultry, bold dark roast tones with notes of chocolate roasted leaving traditional...
    • FAIR TRADE & SINGLE ORIGIN: PRODECOOP uses its proceeds to bring improved living standards to its...

    Looking for a Nicaraguan coffee brand that puts sustainability at the top of your agenda? Consider this offer from Tiny Footprint Coffee. They are the first carbon negative coffee brand, and their coffee is USDA Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic. This coffee is a 100% dark roasted Arabica grown in the shade with hints of chocolate combined with rich Nicaraguan flavors such as apricot, fig and spices. The delicious depth of this infusion is a classic example of the distinctive profile of Nueva Segovia.

    Another organic coffee from another roaster that puts sustainability at the forefront of its operation. Tiny Footprint Café is constantly planting trees with the goal of reforesting the planet! Nicaraguan coffee plantations and roasters seem to be very proud of their work, which is great for us! This coffee is rich, with notes of nuts, spices and apricot. A pleasant sweetness reminiscent of nougat is also evident. Anyone who tends to prefer a darker roast should do themselves a favor and check out this coffee!

    Don Tomas Nicaraguan Coffee

    Next, we have Jinetoga beans! Most Nicaraguan coffee comes from Jinetoga, but don’t worry, quality isn’t sacrificed for quantity. Don Tomas Coffee is a very respectable coffee roaster who runs his own school in Nicaragua. On top of that, they help with housing efforts and medical programs. This coffee has a sweet aroma that fills the room and delicious hints of toffee and chocolate. The bright citrus acidity provides a fresh bite before fading to a light, smooth finish. These beans make a great espresso too!

    Jinotega is a department in the north of Nicaragua, in the lands known as Segovias. Like most Nicaraguan beans grown in Segovia. Jinotega beans grow in mountainous areas shaded by tall cloud forests. This territory is responsible for the most important coffee production in Nicaragua, maintaining its quality. This is for fair trade, where there are market niches, based on quality, the sale of organic or ecological products and the commitment to social problems. In this sense, the roaster of these beans, Don Tomas Coffee, in addition to running his own school in Nicaragua, participates in the construction of housing and medical programs.

    Don Tomas is a sophisticated coffee that is touted as the best selection of the company’s own harvest. The company claims that it only puts the top ten percent of the beans in the bag to make sure the flavor is as rich as possible. The flavor is quite nuanced and includes hints of chocolate and even a little caramel. Better yet, the company that produces the beans is a non-profit organization. All proceeds go directly to schools and housing estates.

    These beans have a respectable reputation in the Central American coffee game. This coffee stands out for its sweet flavor with notes of caramel and chocolate. It is balanced, with bright citric acidity. These Nicaraguan coffee beans are perfect for making espresso. If you want to surprise your guests, you need a high quality coffee with an excellent aroma and fragrance because it has a perfectly balanced cup. So you can use it for anything like making a great coffee syrup that you can decorate your cocktails with! If you try it a bit, it is possible that it is one more that says that Jinotega is one of the best coffee brands in Nicaragua.

    Unfortunately, the strength of the roast is a bit weak compared to what most people tend to look for in Nicaraguan coffee. If you prefer a bolder brew, you may want to look elsewhere.

    Coffee Bean Direct Organic Nicaraguan Coffee

    Coffee Bean Direct Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG, Whole Bean Coffee, 5 Pound Bag
    • Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan SHG: This light roasted whole bean coffee is USDA Organic & Fair Trade...
    • Strictly High Grown specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude around 1350 meters. Coffee...
    • So Many Choices: We're passionate about coffee; Try our product lines of Single Origin,...

    Our latest Nicaraguan coffee is a wonderful light roast from Coffee Bean Direct. This is organic and fair trade, which is common for Nicaraguan coffee. These beans are lightly roasted, keeping low acidity! An intense aroma of earth and chocolate will catch your attention from the first moment. This coffee is smooth and has fruity and earthy notes. If you tend to prefer a lighter roast, check out this coffee!

    This next bean bag is a great option for people who like to buy coffee grown in nicaragua. It’s a five pound bag that will last a long time for even the biggest java junkies. Coffee Bean Direct is a fair trade company that prides itself on behaving ethically. Their honest practices and skillful hands combine for a great tasting cup of coffee and will make you feel good in the process.

    However, there are some issues to be careful of. For one thing, this bag has the highest tag price of all the options on our list. The price isn’t actually that high when you break it down by ounce, but regardless, it may be more expensive than some people are willing to spend on coffee beans at once. There is also a freshness problem. Many users report that the beans they received were out of date.

    Cubico Nicaraguan Whole Bean Coffee​

    We finished the list with a small batch of roasted coffee. Cubico Coffee is available in whole beans for buyers who want to maximize the freshness factor while controlling the coarseness of their grind.

    It’s not bad coffee at the end of the imagination, but there are several reasons why it’s at the bottom of our list. For one thing, the price per ounce leaves a lot to be desired. It is one of the most expensive coffees presented here. It also has a very bitter aftertaste that undermines the entire user experience. For the money, you can definitely find a better coffee.

    Get 16 ounces of single origin coffee with Cubico coffee beans, grown in the epicenter of mountain coffee production in Segovia. Each batch of beans is slowly roasted for flavor and I Cubico dated each bag to make it fresher. These grains, which are distinguished from other brands by the bag of gold, are also relatively inexpensive.

    Three Avocados Nicaraguan Whole Bean Coffee

    Three Avocados Nicaraguan Whole Bean Coffee - 12oz - 100% of Profits Provide Clean Water
    • 100% of Profits Provide Clean Water
    • 100% Arabica Coffee
    • Grown at a High Elevation in the Mountains above Matagalpa, Nicaragua

    This excellent Matagalpa coffee Three Avocados, another well-respected roaster, roasts these beans. All of the revenues (yes, all of them) go to a Ugandan clean water effort. This coffee is naturally sweet, with honey and citrus fruit overtones. This one has a low acidity level and is suitable for individuals with sensitive stomachs! This is a very unique coffee that any coffee enthusiast will appreciate.

    AmazonFresh Direct Trade Nicaragua Whole Bean Coffee

    AmazonFresh Direct Trade Nicaragua Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, 12 Ounce
    • Subtly complex medium-light roast with chocolatey notes
    • One 12-ounce bag of whole bean coffee
    • 100% Arabica coffee grown in Nicaragua

    Matagalpa is a Nicaraguan municipality and city. They’re renowned as the “Pearl of the North” because of its natural beauty, and as the “Capital of Production” because of its thriving economic and agricultural activity. The coffee that bears the name of this region is becoming more well-known. It grows its beans in the mountains.

    This extends its maturation and improves nutritional absorption, enhancing its flavor profile and living up to its promise, “World Changing Coffee.” Its roaster, in addition to care for the ecology in which these magnificent grains are grown, Three avocados contribute to Ugandans having access to safe drinking water. This is a fantastic social action that should be emulated.

    Do you want a cup of coffee that will make your taste buds explode with delight? This is the correct one. It has a sweet aroma and flavor, as well as a mild acidity and overtones of citrus fruits and honey. Unlike many Central American coffees, this Nicaraguan Arabica coffee has a distinct flavor profile, with a sweet fruity and floral scent. Confirm the details and take the risk of doing it.

    This is the solution you’ve been searching for. The one that will make your taste buds explode with deliciousness while also supporting a good charitable cause that is worthy of emulating! It’ll be one of your favorites!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Nicaraguan Coffee good?

    The growing conditions of the beans, as with most high-quality coffee, have a significant impact on its potential, and fortunately, Nicaragua’s coffee industry takes great care in keeping the standards in its coffee.

    To begin with, Nicaraguan coffee is cultivated in the shade 95% of the time, which helps to conserve the ecosystem. The coffee is cultivated beneath a tree canopy, which works as a natural herbicide and fertilizer. This allows coffee growers in Nicaragua to develop and obtain organic certification for their Nicaraguan coffee without fear.

    Nicaragua is also known for having a lot of highland and hilly areas where Arabica coffee may thrive and grow. High elevation allows the coffee to ripen more slowly, giving the sugars more time to ferment and be absorbed by the coffee bean, resulting in a sweeter-tasting coffee.

    Most coffee plants require appropriate rainfall, warmth, and high humidity to thrive, all of which Nicaragua can give. Because of the milder temperatures and more regular rainfall, the highlands are ideal for growing Nicaraguan coffee. The Arabica type accounts for the majority, if not all, of the green coffee beans found in Nicaragua. Arabica is renowned for its flavor and sweetness, as the whole bean contains more sugars.

    What is Nicaraguan coffee and where does it come from?

    Nicaraguan coffee is a type of coffee that is grown in Nicaragua, a country located in Central America. Nicaragua is known for producing high-quality coffee beans that are used in various blends and single-origin coffees.

    What are the flavor characteristics of Nicaraguan coffee?

    Nicaraguan coffee is known for its balanced flavor profile with hints of chocolate, nuts, and fruits. The flavor notes can vary depending on the region where the coffee is grown, but generally Nicaraguan coffee is considered medium-bodied with a smooth and sweet taste.

    How does Nicaraguan coffee compare to coffee from other countries?

    Nicaraguan coffee is often compared favorably to coffee from other countries in Central and South America. It is known for its unique flavor profile and smooth taste, which sets it apart from other coffees.

    How is Nicaraguan coffee typically roasted?

    Nicaraguan coffee is typically roasted to a medium roast, which brings out its natural sweetness and balances its flavor profile. Some specialty coffee roasters may choose to roast it to a darker roast to bring out the bolder, darker flavors, but this is less common.

    How is Nicaraguan coffee typically brewed?

    Nicaraguan coffee can be brewed using a variety of methods, including drip coffee, espresso, and pour over. The brewing method will impact the flavor and strength of the coffee, so it’s important to choose a brewing method that fits your personal taste preferences.