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How Long Does Ground Coffee Last?

    Updated on February 12, 2023

    You might be wondering if you can still use an old bag of ground coffee if you’ve found it in your cabinet. After a few months, ground coffee might not taste the same. However, how carefully you store it and whether it is packed or open will determine this. Let’s examine how long ground coffee stays fresh and how to store it.

    If properly stored in sealed containers, freshly ground coffee keeps its freshness for 2 to 5 months. Within a day of being exposed to air, it starts to lose its freshness. Pre-ground coffee will stay fresh in an unopened bag for 5 to 11 months. Depending on the type of coffee, the time varies.

    How Long Does An Opened Bag Of Ground Coffee Last?

    If properly stored, pre-ground coffee will stay flavorful for two to three months. However, ground coffee can remain fresh for almost a year if the bag is not opened. If you’re using coffee beans, if they are stored correctly, they can stay fresh for up to a month. The freshness of the ground coffee will degrade in less than a day if you leave it in the grinder or another area that is exposed to air.

    Does Ground Coffee Get Stale Faster Than Coffee Beans?

    Coffee beans do not quickly go bad like coffee grounds do. Over time, they merely start to lose their freshness. There is no expiration date listed on the box as a result. Coffee beans are a dried, long-lasting substance that is shelf life of ground coffee. Although they wouldn’t spoil for several years, they begin to gradually lose flavor and perfume approximately two weeks after roasting (if still packed).

    Why Does Ground Coffee go bad?

    Coffee grounds that have been exposed to air and been oxidized result in stale coffee. The longer your coffee is exposed to the air, the quicker it will oxidize and lose its freshness. Other factors, such atmospheric moisture, can also contribute to oxidation. Heat may also cause it to occur. Because of this, ground coffee beans packaging typically includes the warning to “keep away from heat and sunshine.” As a result, properly stored ground coffee lasts longer.

    When beans are pounded into a powder and then finely powdered, the oxidation process accelerates. The increased surface area of ground coffee creates the perfect conditions for oxidation. This brings up the prior point that coffee grinds exposed to air will lose freshness more quickly than if they were bought whole. One could argue that coffee’s worst enemy is oxygen.

    How To Prevent Coffee From Losing Its Freshness?

    Stale coffee grinds are not a favorite. Fortunately, there are a few methods you may use to keep your coffee fresh.

    Once the bag has been opened, store the coffee grinds in an airtight container. Keep the container away from heat sources (such as the stove, sun, etc.) and light. You may avoid exposing the ground coffee to oxygen in this way. For keeping coffee, you can get specialized metallic containers. Instead of using containers with plain lids, look for ones with zip-top seals. Even ground coffee can be stored in a mason jar. But we only advise utilizing opaque mason jars.

    Instead of buying coffee grounds, we advise buying coffee beans because they last longer. Every time you need to brew coffee, purchase a bag of coffee beans and ground them. The beans should be kept in an airtight, covert container after the packet has been opened. Although we are aware of how much you enjoy admiring coffee beans in a clear container on your shelf, flavor comes first. Beans exposed to light in transparent containers lose freshness.

    Don’t let your grinder sit with coffee grounds in it. For each brew, grind a specific quantity. Buy a small amount of coffee at a time. Buy your coffee in tiny quantities and aim to replace your bags every month, or ideally every week. Stores frequently refill, so you will always have fresh coffee grounds.

    You might even want to try putting your ground coffee in the freezer or the refrigerator! To avoid freezer burn, keep in mind that the container you store the beans in must be airtight. If you’re wondering how food may burn in a freezer, freezer burn occurs when food, like coffee, oxidizes and becomes spoiled. It occurs when air gets into the food. Fortunately, it is avoidable simply sealing the coffee grinds. However, it is better to avoid freezing the coffee grounds for longer than a week.