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Why Italian Espresso tastes better?

    Updated on December 18, 2022

    Italian espresso consistently tends to taste better than domestic espresso. Why does espresso from Italy usually taste better?
    This is due to the freshness of Italian espresso. In Italy, the coffee you order is nearly always a freshly roasted cup. This indicates that the Italian beans were only recently roasted—within the previous 8–14 days of your order. That describes how you can taste Italian espresso at its peak or greatest. Naturally, only when the freshly roasted coffee beans are brought from a local roaster within 7 days of roasting is it possible to get fresh coffee into every Italian coffee shop and home. This brief period of time, which is required to reach the best or peak flavor, is by definition too brief for large roasters. That explains why Italy has literally thousands of small-scale roasters, each with a tiny market share. There are more than 30 local roasters in Rome alone. Because of the coffee’s freshness, Italians typically drink their coffee from little 4.5 Oz glasses or mugs. Italians don’t need a lot of sugar, milk, or other sweeteners to enjoy their espresso because it has a fresh, peak flavor. Because the coffee is freshly roasted, small servings offer a full-bodied and pleasant coffee flavour. And nothing tastes better than fresh.

    The flavor of freshly roasted coffee is improved for a number of reasons. Particularly when compared to a roast from your neighborhood store back home. Most significantly, freshly roasted coffee has a smell that is noticeably superior than that of store-bought coffee. A significant portion of the coffee experience is aroma, both in terms of flavor and scent. Fresh roasts made from freshly ground coffee beans still have a strong scent. In actuality, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee peaks between days 8 and 14 following roasting after 7 days of rest. The flavor of coffee is at its optimum or greatest during that time. After day 14, oxidation gradually takes hold, and flavors and smells gradually fade away. As the oil from the coffee beans begins to expel and oxidize, you may occasionally notice that supermarket espressos that are very old start to taste rotten.

    After roasting, fresh coffee has its greatest or peak flavor 8 to 14 days later. Fresh produce, like any other food, simply tastes better. Freshly roasted coffee beans are used to make Italian espresso, which results in better-tasting coffee.
    You must roast locally if you want to deliver fresh coffee to anyone’s home within 8 days. In Italy, they carry this out. However, the US has a larger population and more consumers, which results in considerably longer and more sophisticated supply chains. It is practically unfeasible for any major US company to provide fresh coffee to every US residence as a result. After all, it takes fresh coffee 8 to 14 days after roasting to reach its optimal flavor. Simply examine the figures. Italy, home to 80 million people, has more than 550.000 coffee shops. A coffee shop is needed for every 145 Italians, or one. There is one coffee shop in the USA for every 5.800 people. It is impossible for a huge national roaster to provide so many people with fresh coffee every day. The coffee in US coffee shops is frequently older than 25 to 30 days because of this. Additionally, supermarket coffee is frequently older than 120 days. In the USA, it was challenging to find freshly brewed espresso up until recently. You can now obtain fresh espresso from a fresh roast at home thanks to Peak Flavor Coffee. Test it out for yourself to experience the difference.

    We predict that you won’t ever go back to drinking regular store-brand coffee. The way that espresso is consumed in Italy and the USA has also been impacted by the excellent aroma that comes with fresh roast and espresso. Italians often sip one or two espressos from a tiny glass or cup. They either drink their espresso black or with milk or a little milk foam (a Macchiato) (Cappuccino). Their cups or glasses are modest and taste wonderful at 4.5 Oz each. We require our espresso prepared larger with additional milk, sugar, artificial sweetener, and/or caramel syrup to cover up the bitterness that comes naturally with roasted coffee that is aged due to the lack of freshness in the United States. We might be able to avoid all the calories and allergies that come from sugar and milk fat if we could drink our espresso straight from a new roast, like they do in Italy. And perhaps we will sip Italian-style coffee. Fresh. Simply because Fresh tastes better.

    In conclusion, Italian espresso is created from a fresh roast that is never older than 8-14 days, making it fresher than American espresso. Beans from the local grocery are frequently 120 days old. Fresh roasts are tough to send to the USA, especially for foreign brands. Additionally, when coffee ages, its aroma diminishes, forcing us to add sugar and milk to make up for it. Peak Flavor Coffee is committed to delivering a fresh roast to your house within 8–14 days of our on-demand roasting. You can then take pleasure in coffee at its peak or best flavor. Check out Peak Flavor Coffee’s fresh roasts to taste the difference for yourself. We anticipate that you’ll return for more.