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What Is French Roast Coffee?

    Updated on December 8, 2022

    Many coffee drinkers find French roast coffee to be delightful due to its sweetness and excellent flavor. It is a dark-roasted coffee that gained popularity in Europe in the 19th century and has remained popular among coffee aficionados worldwide ever since.

    It differs from other roasted coffees in a variety of ways, and its natural flavor will leave your mouth feeling exceptionally good. There are numerous additional details about French roast coffee that you should be aware of. We will discuss features that clearly set French roast apart from other types of roast in this tutorial.

    What Is French Roast Coffee?

    Coffee aficionados have praised French roast’s superb flavor. Although French roast is the most well-known and best-selling coffee in Europe, most consumers are unaware of its origins and are satisfied with its dark-brown color and oily surface. The term “French Roast” describes the dark-brown hue that results from roasting coffee beans.

    Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that French roast has nothing to do with the actual bean and is merely a method of roasting the beans. Thus, the beans used to make French roast are sourced from a range of nations, including Kenya and Brazil, and they can also be a blend of several beans from various origins.

    Although French roast coffee is simple to make, you must be an expert presser to produce an excellent blend. The bean grinds, according to experts, are the key to making superb French roast. Select grinds with a medium size that won’t clog the filter or pass through it but are neither too coarse nor too fine. You’ll need a plunger, a kitchen timer, a chopstick or spoon, water, and a French press.

    What Does French Roast Coffee Taste Like?

    Due to its exquisite color and enticing sweet flavor, French roast coffee is unquestionably the most popular coffee in Europe and the rest of the globe. Its dark-brown appearance is particularly appealing, and you can taste a distinctive thin, watery drink when you bite into it.

    This coffee is significantly less acidic than other roasts available, and in my opinion, it is the best option for coffee consumers looking to reduce their caffeine intake. But I also discovered that it’s the perfect option if you’re in the mood for a creamy coffee with a sweet flavor. A well roasted French coffee will come out lighter and sweeter with an exceptional flavor that stands out among other roasts, despite the fact that how you make your coffee might alter how it tastes.

    What To Look For When Buying French Roast Coffee

    Many households now enjoy French roast coffee in the mornings, but there are several things to watch out for when purchasing it. The oily surface and rich, black color of French roast are the two main factors to take into account while purchasing it.

    It has less acidity, which could leave you with a sweet aftertaste. While smoothness and flavor are obviously important factors for coffee purchasers, there are other aspects of the packaging label to take into account as well.

    Check the amount of caffeine in the coffee you are purchasing because French roast has no caffeine.