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Why Does Starbucks Add Water to Cold Brew?

    Updated on December 10, 2022

    Why Does Starbucks Add Water to Cold Brew?

    If you ever enter a Starbucks and purchase a cold brew coffee, you may find that Starbucks likes to add water to its drinks. Some people would never think to question it since they just want to enjoy the coffee, not think about the science. You might be one of those that is curious as to why they do this, though. What makes Starbucks add water, though?

    Starbucks makes its cold brew coffee as a concentrate, so they add water to it. They can keep more cold brew in less space by adding the water at the end rather than the start of the process. Customers have the option to request that the water not be added, although the flavor would be very potent.

    Am I getting less for my money?

    No. Customers who purchase cold brew from Starbucks are not getting less for their money. Starbucks employees don’t dilute the cold brew. Starbucks makes their cold brew in a different way from the majority of coffee establishments. One client expressed worry that “The neighborhood coffee shops don’t water down their cold brew, and when I make it at home, I don’t water it down. Every cold brew recipe I’ve discovered online omits the step of adding water to dilute it.

    Continue reading to find out how Starbucks makes cold brew differently from other coffee shops and how their approach does not compromise the customer’s enjoyment of their coffee.