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Best Coffee Scales 2024

    Updated on January 2, 2024

    Using a kitchen scale is not simply recommended; it is necessary for coffee specialists to measure ground coffee beans. Similar to baking components, coffee is difficult to quantify by volume. Due to cultivation practices and the diversity of coffee plants, different coffees have varying amounts of density, which means that normal, two-teaspoon scoops of two distinct Colombian coffees from nearby farms could have a 10% weight difference. This is significant because brewing coffee involves removing a portion of the bulk to produce the sweetest and most harmonious flavors.

    If you take your coffee seriously, you are aware of the need of precise measurements in the coffee industry. With it comes to brewing a great cup of joe, there isn’t much space for guesswork, just like when baking. Because of this, the coffee scale is a crucial instrument that facilitates consistency in each cup.

    The fact that a coffee scale contains certain characteristics made to enhance your experience making coffee at home is also convenient. For instance, some scales have built-in timers and different units of measurement, while others have more sophisticated features, such Bluetooth capabilities that let you link your scale to your phone. Take the uncertainty out of enjoying delicious coffee. Here are the top coffee scales currently on the market.

    Acaia Pearl Laboratory Grade Digital Coffee Scale

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    The Acaia Pearl is the best coffee scale in 2023 at a significantly higher price. It is currently the scale of choice in commercial settings because it is more durable than other coffee scales. It also has a sleek, minimal feel similar to Apple’s. It really is the marriage of coffee and technology. The Acaia Pearl is by far the most accurate of the scales mentioned here.

    Acaia scales have quickly become an industry favorite, offering unmatched functionality and a sleek, minimalist design. The Pearl is Acaia’s manual brewing scale, with a larger weighing platform, perfect for any brewing device. In addition to its touch-sensitive controls, built-in timer, adjustable auto-off function (5, 10, 20, 30, 60 min or off), splash-resistant outer shell, included silicone heating pad, and maximum capacity of 2000 g (70.54 oz)), the Pearl features 0.1g sensitivity, unmatched response time, Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, and 6 different operating modes. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has an internal rechargeable battery that lasts 25 hours per charge (using a common micro-USB cable, charging only takes 1 to 2 hours). Although the Pearl can be used while charging, the precision is reduced, being only accurate for the entire gram.

    This food scale does not depend on batteries, but charges via mini-USB. It can be annoying if you need to charge all the time like your phone or bluetooth speaker. But in fact, it lasts for years on a single charge, so don’t worry. In the long run, it’s great that you don’t have to think about buying batteries.

    What sets the Acaia apart from other scales is its ability to change the weighing mode. There are six modes that you can use with just a long press of the power button. These modes include: Weight Only, Espresso, Weight and Timer, Auto Start, Drink, and Auto Tare. So for example, if you use auto start mode, the scale will display a timer up to 9:99 and a weight in grams, and after zeroing the prep materials, the timer digits will automatically flash and start one time. let the user start. to pay.

    While all of these features are remarkable, Pearl shines even more when used with one of its Acaia companion apps (available on both iOS and Android platforms). These applications allow you to record brewing parameters, share images and recipes, adjust scale settings, view detailed graphs with a visible reference to your flow rate, and even stay up-to-date with the latest firmware.

    The Acaia Pearl is perfect for coffee lovers, those who like to hang out around a handcrafted coffee, as well as for an infusion bar coffee, where precision and craftsmanship are of the utmost importance. The Acaia Pearl brewing scale is considered the best coffee scale on the market. For such a small package the Pearl is a perfect 6.13-inch square, there’s a lot to like here. Everything about this product is high-end. Each Acaia pearl is handcrafted and calibrated and features laboratory balance technology. There’s a reason this scale is acclaimed by world champion brewers and can be found in craft cafes around the world. This is the top of the Best Coffee Scales in 2023.

    Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

    Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, Black
    • Hario V60 drip coffee scale measures in 0. 1 gram increments for highest precision
    • Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each time
    • Integrated timer for complete and total control of your coffee brewing process

    Brewing coffee is neither easier nor more precise than with the Hario V60 drip ladders. Thanks to the precise measurement, your coffee will taste flawless. Everything on the Hario scale works to make amazing coffee. The name Hario is famous for its unique brewery, the V60, but the company also produced one of the first dedicated coffee scales for coffee makers. This staircase is minimalist in function and design. It allows very precise measurements, up to 0.1 g of precision with a margin of error of +/- 0.2 g up to 200 g. It has a built in timer on the side that is great for pouring or any other time sensitive brewing method. This smart coffee scale also runs on two AAA batteries. It comes with an automatic shutdown function after 5 minutes to save battery life perfect for your drip coffee maker.

    This budget coffee scale is not waterproof, so you will need to be careful when using it, especially with spills, as this scale can start to malfunction if it gets wet regularly. It also has a slow response time when adding beans, so you’ll need to add the grounds slowly so as not to exceed the amount of coffee you ultimately want. This seems to be a common problem on more accurate than fast scales, so it’s actually a good compromise for coffee.

    It goes without saying that HARIO is elegant: everything that HARIO does or does comes with a certain expected flair. Look from the side though, it’s extremely functional too, accurately measuring down to 0.1g. The scale is equipped with a built-in timer for preparation and an automatic shut-off function to avoid draining the batteries. The HARIO is also wonderfully compact, which means you can leave it on display in your kitchen without taking up too much counter space. It also means you can keep it in your pocket on your next business trip. Whatever your needs, the HARIO drip ladder can handle them all comfortably. This is one of the best coffee scales in 2023.

    Brewista Smart Scale II

    Brewista Smart Scale II for Espresso and Kitchen scale - 2000 grams (BSSRB2)
    • Silicone protective pad - helps protect scale from water spillage and surface scratches
    • Easy to read backlit LCD display and rechargeable battery (do not over charge the battery)
    • Large protective cover that can also be used as a weighing tray

    The Brewista Smart Scale is the perfect tool for hobbyists, professional and established baristas alike. It is a fully functional scale, accurate to within 0.1g and 2000g, making it an excellent tool for a wide range of beer-related functions. The Smart Scale II is equipped with several pre-programmed modes and automatic functions, designed to help measure coffee accurately for various brewing methods. It has a programmable automatic shutdown function as well as a USB rechargeable battery. The scale is accurate to 0.1g, ensuring you always get the exact amount of coffee you want.

    The scale has several pre-programmed modes with different automatic functions, designed to measure coffee for different brewing methods. The Brewista uses a USB rechargeable battery and also has a useful programmable auto shut-off feature. The scale is small, measuring just 4 inches wide by 5 inches long, making it lightweight and compact for easy storage and portability. The Brewista, on the other hand, is a bit pricey, but it’s a great little kit with lots of features, which is well worth it.

    TIMEMORE Black Mirror Basic Coffee Scale Digital Auto-Timing for Pour-Over Hand Drip

    TIMEMORE Black Mirror Basic Plus Coffee Scale with Timer Digital Auto-Timing Barista Pour-Over Drip...
    • Good Pour Over Experience | Fast and accurate weight measuring, matching with various pour-over...
    • Auto-Timing | No need to perform any distracting operations on the scale during the pour-over...
    • Portable Size | It is only 2.8cm high and 380g, its scale surface is 15.2cm long and 13cm wide. It...

    Look no further than this model from Timemore if you’re searching for a coffee scale that can do it all for your espresso machines. It has a sleek and modern appearance with little decorations, including an LED display that is hidden until the scale is in use. It also comes with a silicone mat that protects the scale’s surface from water damage.

    Timemore makes beautiful and modern coffee products and the basic Black Mirror scale is no exception at this price tag. In fact, the “basics” here refers as much to the features, few but well-chosen, as to the aesthetic, refined and modern. When off, the scale is just a matte black block with a small white Timemore logo. No buttons or icons visible, not even the power button. However, once turned on, both functions, time and weight, light up with their little icons.

    This digital scale can precisely measure weight to 0.1 gram, making it excellent for espresso and pour-over coffee. This electronic scale not only weighs your coffee correctly, but it also has an incorporated timer, allowing you to have more control over your brew. There’s also an automated timing feature that kicks in when the scale detects a weight change. It also features an auto-off feature that activates after three minutes of inactivity.

    This scale comes with a built-in lithium rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 hours, as well as a Type C USB connector for charging the scale when needed. The operation is also simple. The power button turns on and off, but it also works for tare; and the time button starts and stops the time, but also works to change the sound. Invisible features include automatic shutdown, which activates after 3 minutes of total inactivity or 15 minutes of inactivity when the timer is running.

    Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale

    Acaia Lunar Coffee Scale (Black)
    • Readability: 0.1g
    • Capacity: 2000g
    • Weight / Timer Dual Display

    Look no farther than the Acaia Scale Lunar if you enjoy espresso. It’s one of the more compact options on this list, and because it’s made for espresso, it should fit right into your espresso machine drip trays. As the espresso shot is pulled, you can watch the scale’s reading, which boasts one of the fastest response times.

    Acaia’s Lunar scale combines technological and aesthetic expertise to create a beautiful, compact, and water-resistant scale that fits on the drip tray of almost any espresso machine. This scale has a superior aluminum shell with a matte black or silver finish and a white LED display.

    Data is displayed in a clear and timely manner. You’re set for success no matter what machine you’re using thanks to the built-in timer and auto-timing and auto-tare modes. You can also connect to the scale through Bluetooth to alter settings and gather data using Acaia’s app. The auto-start timer, which starts when the weight of espresso reaches the scale, is another notable feature. It, like the Acaia Pearl, has Bluetooth connectivity, letting you to link it to the brand’s apps to get coffee recipes, log your brew data, and more.

    This coffee timer scale also has a heat-resistant silicone pad and a hydrophobic ceramic covering that makes it easy to clean. It’s also quite tough, capable of withstanding steam, espresso, and water. The Acaia Scale Lunar is available in three colors: black, white, and silver, and it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee, which you’ll surely want given its expensive price.

    OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale

    OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Scale
    • OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder's built-in scale measures grounds by weight instead of time,...
    • Durable, 40 mm stainless steel conical burrs create uniform grounds for up to 38 settings -- from...
    • High torque/low speed motor won’t overheat beans, preserving flavor and generating minimal static...

    This coffee device combines a grinder and a scale into one unit, obviating the need for two separate components. The hybrid allows you to choose between 38 different grind settings and the amount of coffee beans you wish to grind.

    The following is how it works: The user adds whole beans into the hopper and selects how many grams or cups they want to ground using the dial. After that, the machine will grind the specified amount of grounds. The coffee bean hopper on top can store up to 16 ounces, while the grounds keeper can hold up to 125 grams. One disadvantage of the scale is that it can only measure to 1 gram, which means it is imprecise.

    Unlike the rest of the scales on this list, this coffee grinder and scale is powered by electricity (120 volts). It’s also covered by the Oxo Better Guarantee, so you can return it if you have any problems.

    Apexstone Coffee Scale with Timer

    Coffee Scale with Timer Small, Apexstone Espresso Scale with Timer Small, Espresso Coffee Scale with...
    • ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: High precision sensors to ensure a accurate measurements from 0.1 oz /1 g to...
    • CLEAR READABLE DISPLAY:LCD screen with BLUE BACK LIGHT makes the data easy to read,it provides Units...
    • UNIQUE BUILT-IN TIMER:It enable you to time the brew to get a consistent cup of coffee.Timing up to...

    This coffee scale wins for a budget-friendly alternative, offering a number of goodies for a cheap price. This scale not only has a timer but also measures in a total of five different units. It can measure to the 0.1 gram and has a maximum weight of 3,000 grams.

    A silicone mat is included with this scale to protect it from heat and spilled liquids. The mat may be readily removed and cleaned between uses. The unit’s switch function, timer, low battery indicator, auto-off function, and tare function are all displayed on the LCD, which has either a blue or green backlight for easy reading.

    One disadvantage of this coffee scale is that it requires two AAA batteries, which may be problematic if you brew a lot of coffee. However, if you need to return it for any reason, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.