Different Types of Coffee Beverages

coffeeDo you get confused at the sight of a menu at a coffee shop? Do you feel like you need help understanding the difference between an Americano and a Cappuccino? With all the different specialty brewers out there and the different beverage choices offered, it is helpful to have an understanding of these drinks.

It makes ordering them easier. It can even make it easier to decide to make them at home. When you know what goes into your favorite drink you can replicate it yourself.

Some of the most commonly ordered beverages include Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and Espresso. There are literally dozens more to choose from but these are the basics. The following is a basic description of each of these beverages.

If you order an Americano what you are getting is basically an Espresso. The difference is that this strong coffee is lightened with added water as it is brewed. It offers a light creaminess on the top when the drink is prepared. This makes the coffee bold but slightly less so than a traditional shot of Espresso. This is easy to make as long as you balance the proportion of water to coffee to your liking during the brewing process. You can view this link and check out some Espresso machineĀ https://kitchengadgetlab.com/best-espresso-machine-under-1000.

A Cappuccino is also espresso based. It contains a double shot of the coffee and steamed milk. This beverage is often flavored with cinnamon or chocolate. The coffee is poured first and then the steamed milk follows. The top is a finish of thick foam also milk based. This drink can be made with cream if you prefer, and while it can take the finesse of a professional barista to make a Cappuccino just right, it is just a matter of practice for the home brewer to pull off this Italian favorite.

A Latte is also Italian in origin and its name comes from the Italian word for milk. Kitchen gadget lab can give you lots of ideas. This is an even blend of espresso and milk but the taste is milkier than that of a Cappuccino. It, too, can be finished with a light layer of foam for an added nuance to the first few sips. This drink can also be flavored differently with ingredients like caramel.

coffeeEspresso, which is the main ingredient in each drink described above, is a strong, robust coffee. It is brewed when the coffee is forced out of near boiling water. The beans should be finely ground for the perfect flavor. It is often enjoyed in a small cup. Click here to see some high end espresso machines that you will love.